Whether it be grocery shopping, cooking classes or a private party, as The Concierge Chef, it is my goal to provide you with a variety of services to meet your needs. 


Current services:

1.     Personal Chef

2.     Cooking classes/demo

3.     Menu planning

4.     Grocery shopping

5.     Meal-time concierge

6.     Private parties

7.     Supper clubs

8.     Cooking consultations

9.     Wine pairings

10. Holiday meal prep




A deposit based on estimated food costs and shopping time is necessary in order to book the date.  The deposit can be submitted over the phone, in person, or mail.  The remainder of the fee is due by the end of service.  I accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards. A credit card processing fee will be charged.

I have prepared meals from 2-20 people and ranging in price from $350-$2000.  My fee is a composite of time spent, complexity of the menu, number of diners and courses, and shopping time.

Areas Serviced

The Concierge Chef currently serves the greater Tampa, FL area.  


Chef Scott, of The Concierge Chef, LLC has been trained, educated and certified in the proper handling of foods and storage and utilizes those practices to ensure your meal will be a safe product.  Upon completion of service, it is your responsibility to continue proper food storage and handling techniques to ensure no food borne illnesses.  If you should have any questions regarding these practices, or would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Concierge Chef, LLC is not liable for operational failure or subsequent repairs to stove tops, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, disposals, plumbing, or any other client owned property used that is necessary for the completion of cooking duties resulting from normal use and/or accumulative wear and tear.